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Flame Electric Wire Rope Hoist Manufacturer

Flame Proof Electric Wire Rope Hoist is same as electric wire rope hoist but it is flame proof. It is used to lift heavy loads in hazardous areas. Inovic CRM manufactures flame electric wire rope hoist prioritizing customer’s safety. We are one of the largest Flame Proof Hoist Manufacturer in Gujarat. We have a wide range of flame proof electric wire rope hoist available in different lifting capacities as per the customer’s requirements. For the safety of our customer chain hoists provide an effective solution for applications. This industrial flame proof hoist is specially developed for various inflammable substances and other hazardous areas. Our company is one of the leading companies in specializing in advanced overhead lifting solutions. Our Flame Proof products and services use advanced technology, emphasize safety of our customers and has cost saving solutions by providing reliability and performance.

Flame Proof Crane Manufacturer